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If you are an active fatigue analyst, you can advertise here your skills and experience by creating your profile. You can describe, if you are able to realize the fatigue prediction within a particular fatigue domain, or if you are even prepared to hold a lecture on that topic. You can describe, which solvers you are able to use to solve the customer's problem.



In addition to it and depending on your profile, you can also prepare your own proposal on a contract, thus finding the right person that could cooperate on the issue you are currently going to solve.

On contrary, those who are looking for experts, can access this site in order to find the right one, depending on the domain, they are looking for, or on the geographical region to save some travel costs.


Thanks for your comments

We welcome any your proposals, comments in order to make this database more useful for both parties - the experts and the people looking for their help.

Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-10-19