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FinLiv is the acronym for Finite Lives. It was initially established as a database of system (see FinLiv there), ready for saving and providing information on various fatigue experiments. The system was nevertheless quite cumbersome, hard to feed and not ready for filtering. This new version should be more handy for use (also thanks to the next subsequent development).


There are two FinLiv applications in fact. One is the off-line FinLiv.VBA application built as a set of specialized VBA macros within MS Excel interface. This application serves for these data manipulation actions:

  • input from external paper sources,
  • transfer to this on-line database,
  • realizing regression analyses,
  • providing uniform output of the regression analyses,
  • data processing during preparation of various intermediate files for subsequent benchmark studies within different fatigue solvers.

This application is currently an in-house software used within FADOFF consortium. If you are interested in testing or adopting it for your own use, contact Jan Papuga.

The second part of the system is represented by the on-line FinLiv application, which you can access in the link below. The functionality provided by it includes:

  • selector tool for finding the data you are looking for,
  • possibility to view details of individual test sets,
  • graphical output including graphs and data tables.

Some of the post-processing options provided by FinLiv.VBA are planned to be ported to on-line FinLiv. 


Similarly to the concept of the Materials database, only data related to publicly documented experimental campaigns can be input into the system. The scope of fatigue problems that can be input into the database concern among others:

  • S-N curves (ready for use)
  • strain-life (e-N) curves, static tests (under development)
  • general periodical or constant loading with up to 4 load channels
  • up to 60 experimental points per S-N or e-N curve
  • various treatment of specimens of an individual curve in the test set
  • sorting of the specimen shape to 18 predefined configurations (the parametrization is useful for next automated preparing of FE-models within ANSYS APDL)
  • experimental data, regression lines and fatigue prediction results for various solutions are included.

The test set with a unique ID number is generated for a complete campaign covering in optimum one material semi-product or one production lot. The material properties generated from the regression analyses are thus linked by the same material ID to the FinLiv set.


Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-01-09