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Offer of a laboratory

This part of FADOFF website is intended to cover the offer of various laboratories that provide the customers their services including fatigue experimenting. If your laboratory gets involved and you decide to create your profile, you can make open the information about the machines available for experimenting at your facility.

In addition to it and depending on your profile, you can also prepare your own proposal on a contract, thus finding the right person that could cooperate on the issue you are currently going to solve, e.g. linking with the right expert to provide the complete expected service. You can respond to contracts proposed by other members of FADOFF network.

Those who are looking for a laboratory that is able to realize the necessary experiments, can access this site in order to find the right lab, depending on the domain, they are looking for, or on the geographical region.


Trade with your data

Another key feature related to laboratories on FADOFF website is the possibility to trade with the experimental data. Fatigue experiments are expensive. Because of the price, a lot of companies resort to taking over unreliable data from free sources, instead of realizing own experiments.

But here is the change coming. Whichever fatigue curve your company paid to be experimented, you can input its main features here. The website is open for all fatigue specialist, so there is a high probability that also other companies or experts can be interested in adopting your data. By purchasing the curve data, they will save a distinct part of common costs, while giving you back some reward for your risk. Some laboratories can even adopt this solution as a stable source of revenue, if focusing on particular trendy materials.


Thanks for your comments

We welcome any your proposals, comments in order to make this database more useful for both parties - the laboratories and the people looking for their services.

Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-10-24