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The Library database is the successor of References database on website. It allows the user of the website to add new reference items to various papers, reports, theses, etc. on fatigue related issues. These references can be searched, and links to their potential location for the download found. The searching tool Selector includes also keywords.

Our bonus

In addition to common services, the concept of features, topics and topicals, which is to registered users visible by red and green dots by each reference, enables more detailed categorization. The papers are categorized also as regards their content, and not only their physical occurrence in periodicals. Because this categorization is quite extensive, we are not able to finish it by our small team and ask you, users, to help us. The categorization highlights the most important properties of the paper, so we ask the authors to think about filling the categories of their own papers by themselves. Such action affects the visibility of your papers, and these can be then listed and cited by your followers.


Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-01-08