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The database of materials is a successor of Material DB first released on website. It takes over the main rule established there:

  • No data can be published here without a proper reference to the original paper, technical report or any other information source, where the data were provided.

In addition to this, some more remarks have to be stated:

  • The data presented here are results of regression analyses done by:
    • original authors, if they do not provide the raw experimental data
    • FADOFF software tools (FinLiv.VBA application), if the raw experimental data usable for regression analyses are provided
  • The concept of signing used in the former Material DB database is still under development. When ready, it allows the users to sign the items, which they personally checked and found correct. No actions are error-free over a longer period, so this is the only measure to ensure usability of provided data (see the Terms of use page).
  • Adding new yet not included items to the database system is honoured by a free privileged access to it. For more information, write to Jan Papuga.


Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-01-08