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News database is intended to inform you about the latest development within the FADOFF consortium. You can see the news items also in the left bottom panel, depending on the weight given to it. The system is planned to be partially shared with the News system on website.

Note that the registered users can also add their own news concerning various fatigue-related topics. The rules of such publishing are similar to the system practiced on In order to minimize the abuse of the news section for any stuff, which is not useful to readers of this website, the editorial board is established. Once you prepare your news item and confirm it, the editorial board is acknowledged about it and one of its members has to confirm it, so that it could be published. A short delay not exceeding one-day thus can be expected.

Editorial Board

  • Jan Papuga (CTU in Prague; Evektor spol. s r.o.)
  • Milan Růžička (CTU in Prague)
  • Radim Halama (VŠB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic)


Updated: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014-01-08